Who’s driving your brand? Guess what...it’s not you.

What story are you telling and what story are your customers hearing?

We’re always shocked when we ask ten people from a company to describe their brand — and we get back ten different answers.

The same can be done with your customers. Do you get yet another ten answers?

What we often find is that internal messaging is wrapped up with cryptic jargon and bulleted lists touting specifications and capabilities.

But the customer will regard things with a more emotional slant — “This product really saved my butt.” or “The interface is great and I love how it makes me feel like I’m in control.”

So, why the disconnect? It’s because after all the ones and zeros have been calculated, it’s emotional connections that count. And to weave that element into your brand’s story means you have to invest in some good old fashioned navel gazing.

Look deep inside. Do a brand audit, do some research or just ask some hard questions. Align what you believe with how your customers actually feel…and get everybody on the same page. And then grab every opportunity available to communicate your message.

Do these things with skill, consistency, and authenticity and the story you tell about your brand will move you to places you never thought possible.