Good design is good business.

So, do you consider design an expense or an asset?

Probably the question we are most often asked is, “How much for a video?”

And as frustrating as it can be, our answer is usually just a bunch more questions in return. Some of them are mundane and tactical like when is it due and how long does it need to be.

But the big ones are more strategic…and sometimes harder for many to comfortably address. These types of questions are less about How or When and are more concerned with Why and What If.

Like, “Why now?”

Why make this video…or website…or whatever creative endeavor you’re about to put a bunch of cash behind.

Or the really big one. The one that rarely gets asked…

“What happens if we don’t make this video?”

Acknowledging there could be a cost to inaction means you’ve crossed that threshold from treating these types of projects as an expense…and into leveraging them as investments that deliver value.

And even if some don’t care to admit it — design is a required element for any company’s operation. And great design is a competitive edge.