Make it a Moonshot. Otherwise why bother.

When Kennedy announced that the U.S. was going to the Moon nobody had ever been there.

There were no off-the-shelf rockets to buy. No Ikea instructions on how to land and survive. There was a destination and a timeline but the process was all but a mystery.

It was a new frontier in every sense of the word.

Most good design is like that. The problem might be old but the answer the designer will provide should be something new. One arrived at by exploring fresh concepts and navigating unknown territories.

There will be hundreds of mistakes made…although you may never see them.

There will be traps to avoid and obstacles to overcome. And eventually — ideally on time and on budget — you’ll get your “The Eagle has landed… one small step for mankind” result.

It won’t look like your competition. It won’t come off some assembly line or be some stock, recycled idea. It will be yours.

Yes it’ll probably be expensive and take way longer than you’d like. But it’ll be exactly what you need.

Because good design goes where no one has gone before.