A logo is not a brand.

Still think your brand is just a logo? It’s a common misconception. But when nerds like us talk about your Brand we are basically talking about your company’s soul.

Your Brand is an assemblage of everything you are. Your logo for sure…but it’s also the hold music somebody hears when they call in. It’s what your product looks like, how well it works, and the package it arrives in. It’s your mission and your values.

And it’s ultimately a culmination of all past interactions your customers have had with you — good and bad. And at its core it reflects a promise of future experiences yet to be delivered. Kind of like a contract.

If I give you my money, I’ll get: status, utility, fun…whatever. I won’t really know until I buy. Your brand is telling me to trust you and I’m deciding if I believe you enough to make the leap.

And therein lies a key precept of Branding. You might pick your logo colors and what font your website uses…but the true arbiters of your Brand will be your customers.

They’ll decide if the way you present matches how they feel. They’ll decide if the Promise gets fulfilled. And that’s a lot more than a logo.