If the medium actually is the message then the choices you make on how to reach your audience carry tremendous importance. Why bore them with just another static webpage when you can transport them to a whole new place through video and animation. Don't dump a slideshow online when you can actually materialize your product right in their living room with augmented reality.

We can help you push the boundaries and allow you to reach them in ways they never imagined.


From script to screen, we utilize 3D animation, motion graphics and high end video production to tell your story. We specialize in the Technical as well as the Emotional because your audience needs to both understand and feel your message.


Good design is simply a formal response to a strategic challenge. And your brand is constantly being challenged. Through our measured and effective creative direction, we make sure your audience will see you, hear you, and ultimately give a damn.​

Offworld is an Atlanta based creative studio providing motion graphics, strategic design, 3D animation, mixed reality and live action film production. We work with ambitious brands from diverse industries who share our mission to reach people in new and innovative ways.

2019 >

Akira’s Neo-Tokyo is established in 2019. Roy Batty tells Deckard he’s “…seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” in 2019. Such a seminal year in science fiction – promises and warnings from futures that never came to pass. As this year closes, we cross that threshold of what could’ve happened and look now to 2020 and beyond.

Utopia or dystopia? No idea. But we certainly expect to encounter new opportunities and address many challenges for our clients and community in the coming months. Please let us know if you’d like to discuss ways we can help you build a better future.


Last minute crew changes at the start of the year did not alter the mission. In fact, the reorganization prompted a brand refresh and a renewed focus on high end animation and augmented reality projects.


3…2…1…LIFT OFF
Offworld establishes operations in mid-2015 with the mission to provide cutting edge design, animation and video production services.

Other Important Dates in History

JANUARY 12, 1992
HAL-9000 becomes operational at the University of Illinois’ Coordinated Science Laboratory in Urbana, Illinois
AUGUST 29, 1997
Skynet becomes self-aware at 2:14 AM EDT
SEPTEMBER 13, 1997
Nuclear waste stored on the far side of the Moon explodes, sending the moon hurtling into deep space
APRIL 12, 2001
Monolith TMA-1 is uncovered near Moon crater Tycho
JANUARY 8, 2016
Roy Batty’s incept date
JUNE 3, 2122
USCSS Nostromo – Reg. No. 1809246(09) – sets down on LV-426
APRIL 11, 2245
United Federation of Planets launches Constitution class starship NCC-1701