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October 2013


SAP America


iOS Development

Possible/ Singapore


Creative Direction / Illustration / Animation / Edit

Led the SAP Mobile Innovation Center team on a multimillion Euro deal with Discount Tire that included mobile, big data, omni-channel marketing, and a few new business processes to deliver additional revenue and increase customer engagement.


The project spanned several months wherein we participated in a Design Thinking session with C-level stakeholders and regional store managers. Several store visits were made to view day-to-day operations and gather information from managers and shop workers. This research led to a multi-phased package which began with a new customer on-boarding system codenamed Fastlane. We defined the business case for this system, outlined the features and functionality, wire framed the application, designed every screen, interaction, and animation, managed SAP’s Asia based development team, and ultimately presented the finished application to the Discount Tire board of directors at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.


The application garnered such praise from the board, that SAP was invited to attend an all day Discount Tire employee event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There we were able to demo the application to several hundred store managers as well as the founder of the company.